I’m here to help for any of your Editing or Writing needs.

Edit Novel

I support all new authors! I will proofread and copyedit all fiction genres, including but not limited to: SciFi, Romance, Horror, Historical Fiction, Erotica, and Fantasy.

Write Informative Speech

A Speech to Inform can be about a variety topics. I will research the topic as needed to deliver the best speech possible.

Edit Text

I have experience in editing essays, websites, books & ebooks, speeches, blogs, and social media posts. Let me know what kind of text you need help with, and I will make sure it is ready for submission.

Write Essay with Citations

Writing essays can be difficult, and with everything life throws at us, you may not have the time to write one. Whatever the reason, I am here to help!

Write Persuasive Speech

A Speech to Persuade should build a subtle (or not so subtle) anxiety in the listener to persuade them into making a change, no matter your topic. This is achieved by following Monroe’s Motivational Sequence.

Beta Read

Before publishing en masse, sending the manuscript to beta readers can give you a sense of what readers think about the book.


Please email me before purchasing a service. As a deposit and safety on both ends, half of the payment will be due upon agreement and before I begin working on the document. The second half of the payment is due upon completion and acceptance on your behalf.

Payments can be made via Paypal or Venmo.

All prices are below or within industry rates which can be found here: EFA Rates

Disclaimer: Writing services come with 2 revisions. If more are needed or there seems to be an overall rewrite, I will charge at least $10 depending on amount changed. All prices are subject to change.

Message me with your questions and inquiries.

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