Professionally Edit your Short Story or Novel

I support all new authors! I will copyedit all fiction genres, including but not limited to: sci fi, romance, horror, postmodern, historical fiction, erotica, and fantasy.

I will work on a shared Google Doc so you can come along for the ride. In this single pass, I will line edit, make comments, look for and fix errors, and return to you a polished manuscript. Everybody makes mistakes, and I would love to help you iron out anything that needs a second set of eyes. 

Comments on the Google Doc may include:

  • Readability – How much did I enjoy it? What could be taken out?
  • Reader’s opinion – about the writing style, characters, and plot.
  • Questions – as a reader, what would I like to know more of or more detail about?
  • Answers to any questions you submit about the story or novel.

Because I work on a Google Doc, changes will be tracked on the original document and you can approve or comment on each edit as needed. 

Feel free to email me with any questions! You can also send me a 3-5 page section of your book, and I will edit that free of charge. You can see my work and I can get a feel for the story before we both commit.

(This service is for fiction short stories and novels, not non-fiction text. Exceptions can be made for memoirs.)

All prices are under Industry rates and are subject to change.

Basic Plan $150

  • I will proofread & edit a short story up to 10,000 words.

Standard Plan $600

  • I will proofread & edit a story up to 40,000 words.

Premium Plan $1,500

  • I will proofread & edit a story up to 100,000 words.

Email me for custom offers

  • Custom page length
  • Custom delivery time

Each Plan Includes:

  • Grammar & Syntax Review
  • Content Rewriting
  • Feedback

Testimonials (10 reviews)

Emily did a great job editing my novel. I reviewed many editors before choosing her and I was very happy with the work she did.

Emily is a top notch editor, she delivered a quality edit of my book ahead of schedule. I have the highest praise for her work and her professionalism. I would not hesitate to hire her again for future projects.

Emily is wonderful. She patiently answered all my questions and helped me to find the best way to express my ideas in my novel. She’s exactly what an editor should be.

Working together was a breeze. Very professional. She was motivated to do the work. The project was finished right on time. I will be using her in the future. The very near future.

Emily was great! She communicated regularly and worked with me to recommend changes not only to spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but when points might be confusion or inconsistent. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a solid editor.

Emily is amazing! She went above and beyond and answered every question and addressed every concern and kept a positive attitude with a high level of interest and enthusiasm up throughout the project. Super professional and extremely intelligent – I feel like she added a lot to this project and I am very happy with her services!

Emily did an amazing job editing and proofreading the novel written by a little girl. She gave the book a completely different outlook. I will work with her for the sequel.

Seller was very kind, professional and informative. Would highly recommend.

Really fast turnaround

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